Investing in Tech-Founders
with global ambition.

Lunar was created to bridge a glaring gap: investors with no technical background struggle to understand companies led by technical founders—who deserve better. Technologists building the future need likeminded investors, with the patience & commitment to support them on their long journey. We built Lunar to fulfill that mission.

Don't take our word for it

"The only VC that I let into my pre-seed round — they are technical, truly understand what we’re doing, and actually add value"

Rand Hindi

Co Founder @Zama

"Partnering with Lunar feels like having an additional senior member on our data science team. Their deep tech expertise and stellar reputation makes them a no-brainer for any pre-seed founder."

Mehak Mumtaz

Co Founder @iLoF

"Lunar is easily the best deep-tech fund in Europe, and my first recommendation to any other founder"

Milos Rusic

Co Founder @deepset

"Lunar has been our earliest and strongest supporter. Thank you for making this journey amazing."

Siddharth Dhulipalla

Co Founder @Hathora

"It is, genuinely, very hard to properly express how good you guys are."

James Arthur

Co Founder @Electric-SQL