Backing Tech-Founders with global ambition.

We aim to be the most impactful fund for founders building global moonshots. We launched Lunar in 2019, after becoming disillusioned with the state of deep tech investing in Europe:
investors with no technical background struggling to understand or care for companies built by technical founders. Europe deserves better: founders building the future need investors with patience, ambition, and vision to support them on a long and hard journey.
Ever since then, we've been building from first principles that very fund.

"We do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard".

—JFK, 'We choose to go to the Moon', 1962

Don't take our word for it

"The only VC that I let into my pre-seed round — they are technical, truly understand what we’re doing, and actually add value"

Rand Hindi

Co-Founder & CEO @Zama

"Partnering with Lunar feels like having an additional senior member on our data science team. Their deep tech expertise and stellar reputation makes them a no-brainer for any pre-seed founder."

Mehak Mumtaz

Co-Founder @iLoF

"Lunar is easily the best deep-tech fund in Europe, and my first recommendation to any other founder"

Milos Rusic

Co-Founder & CEO @Deepset AI

"Lunar has been our earliest and strongest supporter. Thank you for making this journey amazing."

Siddharth Dhulipalla

Co-Founder & CEO @Hathora

"It is, genuinely, very hard to properly express how good you guys are."

James Arthur

Co-Founder & CEO @Electric-SQL